Images of the 1970's Women's Movement consists of 1100 images. All were shot with 35mm Kodak black-and-white film – either PanX, PlusX or TriX – and developed in my darkroom. The negatives have been stored in archival non-destructive sleeves. I have hand-scanned each image as a 16-bit TIFF file: 77.8 MB, 5400 DPI, 7800 x 5232 each. 
Image evaluation, digital scanning, and postprocessing have been completed. In all, 400 negatives have been digitally scanned; 200 of these have been post-processed; and about 100 images form the core of this project. The majority are shown on this website. In addition, all original contact sheets have been preserved.
There are 35 individual 8" x 10" silver gelatin prints from this project, all created in my darkroom fifty years ago. Also, multiple silver gelatin prints exist for several  images.
A detailed list of the feminist ephemera from the 1969-1972 period is attached in PDF format under Assets. Ephemera from the San Francisco Bay Area Women's Movement is particularly extensive and includes the complete run of "It Ain't Me Babe," "Mother Lode," "The Women's Page," and "Brother." Also in the collection is ephemera from the San Francisco State University’s day-long program on the oppression of women,  the first feminist symposium (“teach-in”) held on a college campus during the Second Wave.

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