Change Has A Female Face consists of more than 1000 images. All were shot with 35mm Kodak black-and-white film – either PanX, PlusX or TriX – and developed in my darkroom. The negatives have been stored in archival non-destructive sleeves. I have hand-scanned each image as a 16-bit TIFF file: 77.8 MB, 5400 DPI, 7800 x 5232 each. 
Image evaluation, digital scanning, and postprocessing have been completed. In all, 400 negatives have been digitally scanned; 200 of these have been post-processed; and 40 images form the core of this project.  
Mother Jones: “This Is the Time to Have That Purpose Again: Revisiting the Front Line of Second-Wave Feminism Through Photographs," December 27, 2021. Feature online story: Nina Hamberg as told to Madison Pauly; Photos by Nina Hamberg.
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