Feminist newspapers and journals flourished during the Second Wave. Between 1968-1973, more than 500 new feminist publications were introduced in the U.S. They provided information on local resources, meeting announcements and forums for ideas. They also opened avenues for women who'd never considered themselves publishers, writers, or artists. The outpouring of creativity and energy was amazing. I knew this time was historic, so I preserved everything I came across: scores of feminist publications, pamphlets, position papers, and fliers, as well as materials from the projects I worked on. 
This collection is a rich resource for those interested in San Francisco Bay Area feminist history. It contains many newspapers and newsletters. Among them: "It Ain't Me Babe," "Motherlode," "Tooth and Nail," "The Women's Page," "Brother, " and "San Francisco Women's Liberation Newsletter." Ephemera documenting early feminist symposiums, presentations and community educational programs, as well as an early proposal for the San Francisco Women’s Building, are included.
Feminist journals, magazines, pamphlets, comics, newsletters, and almanac
Feminist newspapers from around the country
Position papers and other feminist ephemera, including early proposal for women's building
Original slides and script for presentation on “Women’s Image in the Media,” given in San Francisco Bay Area schools, colleges and women’s centers: 1970-1972
San Francisco State University student newspaper and other ephemera for symposium, "The Oppression of Women," December 10, 1969. Also ephemera from Independent Campus Women, a feminist student group founded in 1969.
San Francisco socialist organizations - feminist ephemera.
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